Skróty w wersji angielskiej

ADSLang. Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

ATMang. Asynchronous Transfer Mode

CDMA – ang. Code Division Multiple Access

CDROM ang. Compact Disc – Read Only Memory

CMTSang. Cable Modem Termination System

CSDang. Circuit Switched Data

DNSang. Domain Name System

DSLang. Digital Subscriber Line

EDGEang. Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution

FDDIang. Fiber Distributed Data Interface

FTPang. File Transfer Protocol

Gb/sang. gigabit per second

GIFang. Graphics Interchange Format

GPRSang. General Packet Radio Service

GSMang. Global System for Mobile Communications

HDSLang. High Digital Subscriber Line

HFC – ang. Hybrid fibre-coaxial

HSCSDang. High Speed Circuit Switched Data

HSDPAang. High Speed Downlink Packet Access

HSPA – ang. Speed Packet Access

HSUPAang. High Speed Uplink Packet Access

HTTPang. Hypertext Transfer Protocol

IDSLang. Integrated Services Digital Network

ISOang. International Organization for Standardization

IEEEang. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

IPang. Internet Protocol

IT– ang. Information technology

IPTV ang. Internet Protocol Television

IRDAang. Infrared Data Association

ISAang. Integrated System Architecture

ISDNang. Integrated Services Digital Network

ISPang. Internet Service Provider

JPEGang. Joint Photographic Experts Group

kb/sang. kilobit per second

LANang. Local Area Network

LED – ang. light-emitting diode

LPTang. Line Printer Terminal

MACang. Media Access Control

MANang. Metropolitan Area Network

Mb/sang. megabit per second

MIMOang. Multiple Input, Multiple Output

MPEGang. Moving Picture Experts Group

MSN – ang. Multiple Subscriber Number

OSIang. Open System Interconnection

PANang. Personal Area Network

PCIang. Peripheral Component Interconnect

PCMCIAang. Personal Computer Memory Card International Association

PDA – ang. Personal Digital Assistant

PDUang. Protocol Data Unit

PLCang. Power Line Communication

PVC – ang. Permanent Virtual Circuits

QAMang. Quadrature Amplitude Modulation

RADSLang. Rate-Adaptive Digital Subscriber Line

SDIang. Spatial Data Infrastructure

SDSL – ang. Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line

SFTPang. Shielded Folied Twisted pair

SMTPang. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

STPang. Shielded Twisted Pair

SVCang. Switched Virtual Circuits

TCP/IPang. Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol

TIFFang. Tagged Image File Format

UMTSang. Universal Mobile Telecommunications System

USBang. Universal Serial Bus

UTPang. Unshielded Twisted Pair

VDSLang. Very High Speed DSL

VHDSLang. Very High Digital Subscriber Line

VoFRang. Voice over Frame Relay

VoIPang. Voice over Internet Protocol

VPNang. Virtual Private Network

WAP – ang. Wireless Application Protocol

WANang. Wide Area Network

WEP – ang. Wired Equivalent Privacy

Wi-Fiang. Wireless Fidelity

WLAN – ang. Wireless Local Area Network

WPAang. WiFi Protected Access

WWWang. World Wide Web

VoD– ang. Video on Demand

xDSLang. X Digital Subscriber Line

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